Who are we?

Linky Writers is a subsidiary of Marketing Services By Grant. We are specifically focused on writing the link building texts for online marketing agencies. The team consists of writers and students experienced in online marketing. Linky writers offer their writers the opportunity to write content on their own terms and advocate for independent remote working. We are active in the Dutch market and the international English-speaking market.

Why specifically Link building texts?

Linky Writers was created by discovering the demand for link building content. We are not talking about Copywriting for content, but really writing the short 300-350 words of content specifically required for linkbuilding. Marketing agencies often find this a tedious task and outsource it on a platform like Textbroker.

We believe that this can be done better and faster by specializing in writing these short texts. The idea was born, and the demand for this service was more significant than we thought. Saving time and energy and especially offering the content at a low rate ensures good partnerships between Linky Writers and Marketing agencies.

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